About us

In 2021, Alice stood in her small studio on a vibrant spring day, longing for the future. After months of preparation, her clothing brand "amanicz" was finally born in early 2021. Alice knew that to gain a foothold in the fiercely competitive fashion industry, she must have unique design concepts and high-quality products. Therefore, she chose a niche but promising market positioning: high-end custom women's clothing combining traditional craftsmanship and modern design. The initial days were full of challenges. Alice was responsible for design and handled everything from purchasing to marketing to customer service. However, she gradually attracted loyal customers with her love of fashion and extreme pursuit of details.

In 2022, With the increase in brand awareness, amanicz blossomed into a period of rapid growth. Alice, the visionary founder, recognized that for the brand to reach new heights, it was crucial to expand sales channels and product lines. She embarked on a journey to broaden online sales channels and promote products to a wider market by collaborating with mainstream e-commerce platforms. Amanicz's product range expanded to include casual series and printed series, which not only met the needs of more consumers but also significantly increased the brand's customer base. After a year of dedicated work, amanicz's position in the market was further solidified, and its brand influence was significantly enhanced.

In 2023, amanicz, driven by a deeper purpose, shifted its focus to the construction of brand depth and connotation. Alice, the ethical leader, decided to strengthen cooperation with designers and introduce more talented designers to join the team. Together, they explored how to harmoniously blend environmental protection concepts with fashion design, creating products that are both beautiful and practical. Amanicz also intensified its efforts to improve the quality and detail processing of products, striving for perfection in every aspect. The brand implemented more stringent supply chain management measures to ensure all production links meet environmental protection and social responsibility standards. Amanicz's participation in public welfare activities, such as funding children's education projects in impoverished areas, not only enhanced the brand's image but also garnered public favorability.

In 2024, Alice realized that to maintain the brand's competitiveness and leading position, she must continue to innovate and break through herself. She began to develop new materials, processes, and design concepts to meet the increasingly diverse needs of consumers. At the same time, she also actively explored new business models and marketing strategies to adapt to the changing market environment. The brand has launched online marketing activities, including cooperation with well-known bloggers and opinion leaders to increase brand awareness. Alice also focuses on design innovation. She encourages designers to use their imagination and creativity to design fashionable and practical products.

Alice hopes to make amanicz a world-renowned fashion brand. She will continue to adhere to the brand concept and values, innovate, and breakthrough herself. She believes that if she keeps her original intention and passion, she can achieve her dreams and goals. At the same time, she hopes to inspire more people to devote themselves to environmental protection and sustainable development through her efforts and success in jointly creating a better world.